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About Me

Olga BellI was born in Moldova in 1976. I began drawing when I was in elementary school. I decorated posters for events. When I went to high school I stopped drawing. When I moved to Canada, after 20 years since I stopped drawing, I went to an exhibition and I saw how people made real life drawings of others, so I was thinking “why not try it”.

Now, I am a full time artist. My technique of drawing is drawing with graphite pencils on a large sized paper. I like to draw in a realistic style. I like to pay attention to details, not only of the main object of the drawing, but the background as well. Of course, it takes much more time than just a simple sketch. Usually it takes a few days. 



I also do commissions from your photo. Please contact me if you want to make an order.

You can find and buy my original pencil drawings or prints from Ebay. Click here to see my Ebay store.